• Quantum Cosmetics of Consciousness

    Utilizing the latest findings in biology and quantum physics, it contains energy formulas from nature (herbs, minerals, crystals, colloidal metals and meteorites) and pure VEGAN ingredients.


  • Global Beauty & Wellness Award

    The prestigious international competition GBWA awarded our products 6 main prizes among 475 entries


    • All in stock

      We have all our products in stock! In 24 - 48 h at your place!

    • Loyalty discount program

      For registered users, discounts up to 20%!

    • Natural vegan ingredients

      We pay attention to the quality of our product composition

    • Customer references

      Hundreds of video, photo and text references

    Top selling products

    10 years of experience using Lavylites products


    We cooperate with dozens of doctors, physiotherapists, beauty salons, veterinarians and experts from other fields. We have tens of thousands of customers, customers, partners and collaborators, from whom we constantly collect experience and references.

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