• 1. Disinfection efficiency - TÜV
  • 2. Anti-doping tests
  • 3. Food purity tests
  • 4. Independent tests
  • 5. Honour tests
  • 6. CPNP registration
  • 7. Note


We are proud to announce that among 475 global entries, 89 finalists and 39 winners, our LAVYLITES products have been awarded 3 top prizes in the highly prestigious international Global Beauty and Wellness Awards.

Nové certifikáty

1. Disinfectant efficacy - TÜV


It has been certified by TÜV as a COSMETIC PRODUCT WITH ANTISEPTIC EFFECTS in disinfectant efficacy testing.

Many cosmetic companies decided to produce disinfectants when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, but what LAVYL AURICUM can do is something completely unique.

It protects our body and skin, destroys pathogens at the same time and fully functions as a cosmetic product.

In addition to disinfecting, it nourishes, regenerates and creates a protective cosmetic layer on the skin, which does not disappear during intensive washing, but on the contrary, its effect is subsequently improved.

lavyl auricum

LAVYL 32 BeSure

It has been certified by TÜV as a COSMETIC PRODUCT WITH ANTISEPTIC EFFECTS when tested for its disinfecting efficacy.

Lavyl 32 BeSure provides gentle care and full protection at the same time.

It helps to care for oral hygiene in a natural and gentle way, while being ruthless towards diseases. It perfectly disinfects the oral cavity, which is important not only for the care of teeth and gums, but also because our mouths are the main gateway for viruses...

It protects our oral cavity, our gateway for pathogens and viruses into the body, while fully functioning as a restorative oral care product.

2. Antidoping tests

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has verified that Lavylites products do not contain any substances on the Agency's Prohibited Substances List - in other words, they do not contain any anabolic substances. This means that athletes can use our products without any risk.


3. Food purity tests

Food purity tests were performed for Lavyl 32, Lavyl Auricum and Lavyl Auricum Sensitive.

The Lavylites product easily passed the purity tests of the TÜV, the German Technical Inspection Association. These tests are very stringent - to name just two aspects that have passed the TÜV test: there is no microbiological contamination present in our products (bacteria, mould, etc.) and their heavy metal content remains well below the safety limits.

4. Independent tests by the J.S. Hamilton Institute


Suitable both for prevention and for the correction and fading of already formed streaks (stretch marks).

Significant improvement after just 28 days.

Effectiveness proven by independent laboratory tests, J.S. Hamilton laboratory.

If you are interested in details, please contactDocumentHamilton test.

5. Honest tests

Honest tests on the effectiveness of our products have been carried out by the German independent agency TÜV.

6. CPNP registration

Each of Lavylites cosmetic products has a so-called Free Sale Certificate, which serves as a guarantee of the correct quality of Lavylites products, making them eligible for sale in the EU.

Lavylites products are registered on the EU's Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP). You can check the registration here: https: //webgate.ec.europa.eu/cpnp/public/tutorial.cfm

7. Note

What we state in the testimonials and for each product here on LAVYcosmetics.com is not a claim made by the manufacturer or by us as a retailer or supplier, but it is hundreds and hundreds of user testimonials collected over 6 years about the effects of our products from our customers and are therefore their claims!

We collect your testimonials to see how else our products can be used successfully.

What else is interesting about our products is that they are predominantly composed of natural ingredients, have not been tested on animals, do not contain GMO substances, and are also free of wax, artificial colors, silicone, sulfates, parabens, paraffin, aluminum salts, synthetic perfumes. The products can be used by people suffering from gluten or lactose intolerance, diabetics, vegans and vegetarians and we know that the contained substances will cause only positive effect even in them after injection into the skin.

Don't let any event, news or advice escape you...

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