New wholesale cooperation opportunity in quantum cosmetics

Are you interested in our Lavylites products? It is a completely new technology that can extract so-called nanoeffectors from nature using new findings in biology and quantum physics and a completely new and unique technological process.

The great advantage of the products is that they can be used even for pregnant women and children from birth, animals and plants. In addition, the products can also be used simultaneously with medicines.

Produkty oceněné porotou GBWA
Produkty oceněné porotou GBWA

Lavylites products have won the top prize 6 times in the prestigious GBWA awards.

Would you like to work with them or offer them to your customers?

We work with dozens of doctors, physiotherapists, beauty salons, veterinarians and experts in other fields. Let us work with you too!

Do you work in these fields?

  • Health food - retail
  • Veterinary clinic
  • Dental clinic
  • General practitioner's office
  • Physiotherapy
  • Massage salon
  • Beauty salon
  • Hairdresser
  • Fitness centre
  • Yoga centre
  • Wellness & Spa
  • other professional or business activities

Become our partner, get products at wholesale prices and offer innovative and proven products. All this including excellent care for you and your customers.

What does working with LAVYcosmetics bring you?

Prověřené produkty Lavycosmetics

Business cooperation

  • Interesting commissions in a promising industry
  • Long-term and fair cooperation
  • Our existing customers will come to you to buy our products. In acute cases, they look for "brick-and-mortar stores" in their region.
  • Passive income and with it financial independence (useful e.g. if you have to close your shop)
Podpora prodeje produktů Lavylites

Sales promotion

  • Presentation materials to make your job easier
  • Advice for you on products and sales
  • The ability to manage all orders, purchases and invoices online - everything is handled quickly, efficiently and from the comfort of your home
Prověřené produkty Lavycosmetics

Proven quality products

  • Repeatedly awarded products by the GLOBAL BEAUTY & WELLNESS AWARD jury
  • We are constantly gathering new information for you and following current trends
  • We pass on valuable experience with Lavylites products through positive references
Péče o koncové zákazníky

Caring for your customers

  • We offer consultancy services for your clients and can individually recommend suitable products
  • Your clients can shop in our e-shop. Just register them as your clients on and we will take care of them for you!

The condition for cooperation is to be a holder of a trade license (IČ). Wholesale cooperation is possible, both for the Czech Republic and other countries in Europe and the world.

Become a wholesale partner

Examples of successful cooperation

Zdravá výživa Praha - Czech Republic

This is a small retail health food store in Prague, having an outlet off the pavement level. During the first month, the sales lady actively communicated her personal results of using Lavyl 32, where it eliminated her 30 year old trigeminal nerve problem within 3 days. Only 5 basic products were purchased in stock and the daily turnover was around 4 - 5,000 CZK. In the first month, the lady herself achieved a turnover of 85,000 CZK and a profit of 21,250 CZK for the shop.

In the second and third month, she said that she started to get satisfied customers and the monthly turnover exceeded CZK 100,000.
In the first 3 months of cooperation there were already about 20 people who actively spread their satisfaction with the products to their surroundings, moreover, they started to buy repeatedly and the net profit of the shop with the sale of our products reached the amount of 90.000 CZK (in 3 months). Which was the same as the profit of the remaining assortment in which about 300.000 CZK were in stock! Note: The lady especially praises the returning customers, buying our "big sprays" after they have already tried the products on the smaller packs. Thanks to this, she says she has repeatedly had days when her daily turnover exceeded 20.000 CZK... (To achieve the same turnover before, she says she would have had to sell about 600 cookies per day, which is unrealistic...)

Pedicure Jihlava - Czech Republic

At the beginning of the cooperation, the owner served 8 - 10 customers per day and worked from 7 am to 7 pm 5 days a week (without lunch break).
After a personal experience with Lavyl Auric, where this one application eliminated her all day pain with a cracked heel. (Applied accidentally by a hairdresser friend who, on a 10 minute morning smoke, applied her friend's "Pocket Ambulance" - Lavyl Auricum to her sore heel. She complained that she didn't know how she was going to make it through the evening, that her foot hurt so much...)

The pedicurist got 3 products from us and started telling everyone who came to her pedicure her story with the cracked heel.
In the first week, she sold 17.000 CZK worth of products and, convinced and with the help of the money she made, she created a "fountain" in her shop with Lavylites products on display.

After 4 months of cooperation, when new and returning clients were buying for an average of 20.000 CZK per week, she cut her working hours to 8 - 12 and 13 - 17 and her average monthly earnings from selling our products stabilized at about 20.000 CZK. Which she says covers the full cost of rent, utilities, phone and travel to work and everything she earns from pedicures is net profit!

PS: After a year of our cooperation, she bought a tanning bed for her salon, which she earns while she works on other clients...

Hairdresser Prague - Czech Republic

"I applied Lavyl Auricum for my varicose veins and used Pentyll Heart (now Pentyll Pulse) and applied Lavyl Auricum 5 times a day for my constantly sore "carpals". The problems have subsided and I now offer Lavylites products to my customers. Shampoos for damaged hair and grey hairs and other products for various "human" problems. People are happy and we have all the Lavylites products for free for the whole family."
Now the lady registers her customers on the website and then they do their own shopping. takes care of them and the lady hairdresser is not a salesperson but a recommender.

If you are interested, please contact us using the form below or our contacts.

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