Our 3 BEST SELLING products and what you don't know about them - LAVYcosmetics.com


Our 3 BEST SELLING products and what you don't know about them - LAVYcosmetics.com

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What is our 3 best selling products and what you may not know about them?

And why was it awarded as the most innovative oral care product in the world in New York?

Today we're going to introduce:


Lavyl 32 has the advantage that where you spray it, it stays. Unlike Lavyl Auricum, which runs all over your body. Lavyl 32 was developed for the oral cavity, but is used for problems all over the body.

It is very EFFECTIVE for PAINS AND INJURIES ANYWHERE and it is extremely effective for MOUTH TROUBLES!

Also, thousands of people have already verified that it is very good to use Lavyl 32 preventively when brushing teeth and even during the day and oral problems do not happen...

What it works great for:

  • For various oral problems:
    • It eliminates inflammation!
    • Toothache
    • aphthae
    • removes plaque
    • prevents tartar formation
    • treats periodontal disease (also suitable for prevention)
    • accelerates healing (after tooth extraction, after surgical procedures...)
    • relieves pain after medical procedures
    • calms the trigeminal nerve
    • causes growth of the periosteum and dental tissue
    • accelerates healing of the gums
    • eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses
    • maintains the oral microbiome
    • suitable for dental implants
    • relieves swelling
    • Helps with bad breath
  • For throat problems:
    • quickly cures angina
    • for sore throat
    • heals the vocal cords
    • for any throat and mouth problems
  • For pain:
    • quickly suppresses pain anywhere
    • sore back and spine
    • painful joints
    • headaches
    • toothache
    • sore throat
    • pain in the legs or arms
  • Other uses:
    • treats inflammation
    • helps with flu
    • for fever
    • for respiratory problems
    • bronchitis
    • for coughs!
    • helps with asthma
    • for abdominal pain
    • general weakness
    • as a refreshment
    • against fatigue
    • accelerates healing (even of open wounds)
    • accelerates the healing of fractures
    • and dozens of other ailments...

Order Lavyl 32 here:

Large pack (150 ml): https://www.lavycosmetics.com/lavyl-32-150-ml

Small pack (50 ml): https://www.lavycosmetics.com/lavyl-32-50-ml

Instructions for use:

Oral cavity/throat:

  • Apply 2 - 3 squirts to teeth and brush teeth using toothpaste in the normal way.
  • Apply a few squirts to the oral cavity (teeth, gums, tongue, throat) several times during the day.
  • For acute problems, apply 2 to 3 spritzes to the problem area, 1 to 2 hours apart.

Trouble anywhere:

4 - 6 times a day, 2 - 3 squirts to the trouble spot.

Suitable for pregnant women, children and animals. Avoid contact with eyes! Store in a cool, shaded place (room temperature is sufficient), away from heat sources or fire.


Photo reference: https://www.lavycosmetics.com/dorostla-kostni-tkan

Text references: https://www.lavycosmetics.com/textove-reference

What is the difference between Lavyl 32 and Lavyl 32 BeSure

Both products have been made from a thoughtful combination of herbal extracts and are advanced, high-tech solutions for improving oral hygiene. The carefully selected combination of herbal ingredients not only nourishes teeth and gums, but also has a holistic effect for your well-being. Likewise, both products can be used anywhere on the body for topical complaints or pain, and both are excellent for respiratory problems and coughs (applied externally to the entire chest). Lavyl 32 BeSure is a version of Lavyl 32 with added powerful antiseptic action! Its effectiveness in destroying dangerous pathogens has been proven by excellent test results at the German TÜV institute. Lavyl 32 BeSure, has a very quick effect in case of viral diseases, hoarseness, sore throat and is excellent as a prevention of these problems.

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