What does worsening of symptoms after starting to take a product mean?


What does worsening of symptoms after starting to take a product mean?

Sometimes it happens that a user calls or writes to us that his condition has worsened two or three days after he started using one of our products and what should he do...

What does it mean, what are the causes and what to do about it?

First of all, this is not a frequent or even necessarily a manifestation of the use of one of our natural products, rather an exceptional one. And it happens in about 3% of cases.

What does it mean?

It means that we have hit the nail on the head and the product is working exactly where it is supposed to. This is because our body's defence and healing mechanisms are activated and the process of healing - eliminating the cause of the problem - is greatly initiated. However, as mentioned above, it is not necessarily necessary for the condition to worsen in order for it to improve. But it can happen.

Our products gradually "rewrite" the damage in the cells and help them to "heal" or gradually replace them with new cells already healthy. They also activate energy pathways (meridians), energy centres and strengthen and regenerate individual organs and correct processes in the body and brain.

What are the causes?

Often, the deterioration of the condition immediately after the start of the use of a natural preparation happens because the function of the organ (or the situation) that is causing the "negative" manifestation is intensified. And, as the saying goes, the "problem" must be opened up in order to be solved. In most cases, however, the problem is that our body does not have sufficiently active (and passable) detoxification pathways, and the released toxins and pathogens, which are in increased amounts when the cells are properly "treated", the toxins and pathogens do not manage to leave the body through the standard pathways (lymphatic and excretory systems). Subsequently, they can leave through the skin (various manifestations on the skin) or through increased sweating.

You may think that you need to be prescribed a corticosteroid ointment, e.g. for aggravated skin manifestations, but this will not eliminate the cause of the problem and your problem will reappear again and again.

What do we do about it?

The important thing is to be calm and patiently let our body work! It knows very well how to do it and there is no need to interfere with it with some chemical drugs.

But what is very useful! To support the detoxification of our body, using natural products and the most effective ones we have available!

For the lymphatic system it's Lavyl Lymph (absorption of swelling and maximum clearance and activation of the lymph - waste cleansing system), for the vascular system it's Pentyll Pulse (the vascular system needs to be in order so that it doesn't clog up somewhere) and for the digestive system it's Haevyl Impulse (toxins, pathogens and fungi stop settling in the intestinal system and the right microbiome is set up). These are exactly the products that will give your body the maximum support it needs to get itself back in order as quickly as possible. (These 3 systems are interconnected: lymphatic - cardiovascular - digestive. Therefore, it is very important to always work on all three!)

When you have completed the process of cleansing and activating the 3 systems mentioned above, it is very advisable to do a total detoxification - detoxification from heavy metals - neurotoxins (Solvyl Fullflex + Solvyl CC products).

If the negative effect described above is too great, reduce the dosage of the original product to a minimum (e.g. 1x a day) and proceed slowly, patiently but persistently!

Do not hesitate to call or write to us and we can together specifically and most effectively set up the whole procedure and the most suitable products.

Also, of course, if you are under the supervision of a doctor and have been prescribed some medication, follow his advice. Do not prescribe any medication suddenly, but only after examination and improvement of your condition and on the advice of your doctor. (So as not to frighten the body :D)

Products mentioned in the article:

Lavyl Lymph Spray 50 ml: https: //www.lavycosmetics.com/lavyl-lymph-50-ml

Lavyl Lymph 150 ml spray: https: //www.lavycosmetics.com/lavyl-lymph-150-ml

Haevyl Impulse Concentrate - juice: https: //www.lavycosmetics.com/haevyl-impulse-450-ml-dzus

Pentyll Pulse dietary supplement: https: //www.lavycosmetics.com/pentyll-pulse-90-tbl

Deworming - Solvyl Fullflex drops: https: //www.lavycosmetics.com/solvyl-fullflex-30-ml

Deworming - Solvyl CC spray: https: //www.lavycosmetics.com/solvyl-cc-50-ml


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