How to fulfil your New Year's goals and wishes with LAVYcosmetics products


How to fulfil your New Year's goals and wishes with LAVYcosmetics products

Now is the time for making resolutions and goals. And we will tell you how you can use our products to attract whatever you want into your life and how to easily create a quantum wave using our spray.


Our products are quantum with a very strong energy and therefore can be used to fulfill your wishes and goals.

The goal can be anything,
whether it isto attract a new partner into your life, or perhaps abundance and a certain amount of money, or perhaps to heal from a health problem.


How to do it:

I spray 2-3 squirts of Lavyl Auricum (Classic, Sensitive or Lavyl Genie Spirit) over my head and let it fall like a rain and think or say my wish/goal, then close my eyes and importantly, visualize the outcome! That is, I will create "that" feeling within myself, the feeling I feel the moment I have already achieved what I desire!

(E.g. If I want to attract my dream partner into my life, I imagine that we are already together, our moments together, and I perceive what I feel when I do! Walking together in the woods, holding hands, talking over coffee, stroking each other's cheeks, cooking dinner together, sitting on a park bench, this or that... The more and the stronger we feel our feelings while doing it, the more effective it all becomes. Just a few minutes of such imagery and our body immediately (thanks to our products very quickly and strongly) tunes to the right frequency and we immediately start to attract our dream partner into our lives with great force.)

In the "universe" no energy is lost and therefore, what you send out with a thought, together with your feeling and our quantum product, it will gradually materialize and always come back to you. A so-called quantum wave will be created and it will bring new situations and all kinds of support from your environment, so that what is sent out will gradually come true!

In other words, you create the right frequency. And the laws of physics, with certainty, will subsequently do all that is necessary to accomplish your goal.

It is advisable to repeat the procedure from time to time, but always "send" only one wish and then again the next day or again another wish. And then see what happens. :-)

Today everything is speeding up and so our correctly sent goals are coming true faster and faster.

In case of health problems, regular application of our products to the affected areas and the back of the neck is necessary, so the body is constantly receiving the right instructions and everything damaged in it is gradually rewritten and re-set to the original, i.e. healthy state.

If you are missing suitable products at home, fill them in here:

Lavyl Auricum 50 ml: https: //

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Lavyl Auricum Sensitive 50 ml: https: //

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Lavyl Genie Spirit 50 ml: https: //

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We wish you from the bottom of our hearts that your goals come true !

Don't let any event, news or advice escape you...

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