What significant effects our products have in terms of traditional Chinese medicine - LAVYcosmetics.com


What significant effects our products have in terms of traditional Chinese medicine - LAVYcosmetics.com

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Today we are going to talk about the extraordinary penetration of our products into the skin and the significant effects this has in terms of traditional Chinese medicine.

I'm sure you've heard that according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we have places on our face that are connected to different organs of our body (see picture). For example, under the eyes is the kidney area. And in practice, this means that if we have weakened kidneys, for example due to long-term negative emotions, this will manifest itself in a swollen area under the eyes...

So it is not enough to just use high quality creams on the face, they will not help us with the "problem under the eyes", but for a real effect we need to use 100% natural creams and products that go down to the deepest layer of our skin, which is the so-called "dermis" and it is also "energetic". Thus, through the Scar, individual energy pathways (meridians - according to TCM) pass and connect our face with individual internal organs.

Thegood news is that finally there are products on the market that achieve the highest purity of individual ingredients, i.e. they penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin and at the same time they are so-called quantum, i.e. they can run along our energy pathways and have energy in them to support individual internal organs and in addition they have information on how to regenerate the organs and significantly support their functions.

And do you know what that means? What is the resulting effect on our face? In addition to a healthier body and aiding in healing, our face will glow with beauty and health.

Not only will the bags under your eyes, for example, which are caused by weakened kidneys, disappear, but you will also feel and feel beautiful. Because the weaknesses in your body will gradually disappear and you will gain new energy and vitality.

Our extraordinary 100% natural and quantum products can do all of this
, and you can use them all on your face and décolleté, both women and men.

Read about each product on our website, their extraordinary effects. They will help you for example against wrinkles, under eye circles, slow down the aging of your skin and perfectly nourish and brighten it and as we said, they will also support your overall health and enjoyment of life in a very significant way.

Suitable for face and décolleté (20-40 years):

ANANGA Face Mask: https: //www.lavycosmetics.com/ananga-50-ml

AMRITA Face Cream: https: //www.lavycosmetics.com/amrita-50-ml

EXYOL SC Facial Serum: https: //www.lavycosmetics.com/exyol-sc-30-ml

Suitable for face and décolleté (40+ years):

GEMMA BRIGHT cream: https: //www.lavycosmetics.com/gemma-bright-50-ml

GEMMA PREVENT cream: https: //www.lavycosmetics.com/gemma-prevent-50-ml

GEMMA HELVETIA cream: https: //www.lavycosmetics.com/gemma-helvetia-50-ml

EXYOL SC Facial Serum: https: //www.lavycosmetics.com/exyol-sc-30-ml

Suitable for the eye area and all age groups:

NOFRET cream: https: //www.lavycosmetics.com/nofret-15-ml

In case of youthful skin, you can also use our body lotion LAVYL BODY on the face and décolleté (and the whole body):

All our products have the above mentioned properties!

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