Lavyl Auricum Senzitive 50 ml

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If curiosity makes you want to try at least one product from LAVYcosmetics, Lavyl Auricum Sensitive is the perfect option. In fact, it is so versatile that it has been nicknamed "the ambulance in your pocket". Thanks to this, it has become one of the most successful Lavylites in more than 30 countries.

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Full description

Exceptional antiseptic properties

This is a technologically advanced spray conditioner that has the same composition as its related product Lavyl Auricum, but does not contain alcohol. You can therefore apply it to more sensitive areas of the body, such as the eye area. It is even suitable for pregnant women, children of all ages and even animals.

Lavyl Auricum Sensitive is a cosmetic product with extraordinary antiseptic effects. Its disinfectant properties have been tested by the German TÜV association, which has also awarded it certification for these effects. It is therefore a cosmetic product that serves to protect and regenerate the body and its skin and can effectively destroy harmful pathogens.

Compared to conventional products, however, it is much gentler and better absorbed, which makes it work more deeply and has a longer-lasting effect.

Lavyl Auricum Sensitive is a cosmetic product with extraordinary regenerative effects, which is why it is also popular with top athletes. To this end, anti-doping tests have also been carried out on this product. And the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has verified that this product does not contain any substances listed on the agency's Prohibited Substances List. Anti-Doping Protocol Lavyl Auricum Sensitive.

Effective, gentle and ethical formulation

Lavyl Auricum Sensitive is made from carefully selected natural ingredients. In addition, they are all purely plant-derived and not tested on animals. The product therefore proudly bears the vegan and cruelty-free label. Naturally, it does not contain GMO raw materials, artificial colours, synthetic perfumes, parabens, microplastics or other potentially harmful ingredients.

So what does it actually contain? The best of herbs and vegetable oils! It uses the natural properties of natural substances and thus manages to offer a strong yet gentle effect. In this product you will find extracts from plants such as:

  • Medical Lavender - used to soothe and heal the skin, balance sebum production and stimulate circulation;
  • Rosemary sage - is reputed for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties;
  • redcurrant - rich in vitamins, it benefits the health of the bloodstream and helps protect body tissues;
  • Lemon balm - a well-known herb with calming effects that can help with menstrual cramps, healing cold sores and also promote sleep and relieve anxiety;
  • Kananga scented - has recently found wide use for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, calming effects and also as an aphrodisiac;
  • tea tree oil - disinfectant, helps with acne, cold sores and aphthae. Also for skin rashes, ringworm and dandruff. It helps with muscle aches and pains and with abrasions, blisters and corns.

Through advanced technology to maximum effect

Lavyl Auricum Sensitive, like other Lavylites products, works on a principle that is still new in the cosmetic industry. It consists in a unique technology for extracting the active ingredients, which combines advanced discoveries in the fields of biology and quantum physics.

This is because so-called nanoeffectors are extracted from the raw materials used - very small parts of the original raw materials, measuring just one or two nanometres. They are also referred to as energy patterns, as they carry the information of the individual raw materials and then transmit it to the human body. Thanks to their properties, nanoeffectors penetrate deep into the body, making them very fast, effective and also long-lasting.

Prestigious international awards

As we have already mentioned, Lavyl Auricum Sensitive spray is our most popular product and due to its effectiveness, customers are very keen to return to it. However, it's not only reaping success among them, but also among independent influencers and professionals in the fashion and beauty industry.

In particular, it has been targeted by the independent jury of the prestigious GBWA (Global Beauty and Wellness Awards), which annually recognizes the best companies, products and services in the beauty, personal care and wellness industry. In 2020, the GBWA awarded Lavyl Auricum the top pri ze for the most innovative product that can offer help during the COVID-19 pandemic due to its extraordinary properties.

In addition, Lavyl Auricum Sensitive product was ranked first in the fastest growing cosmetics brand category in the same GBWA awards.

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Instructions for use:

Shake the bottle thoroughly before use and then apply the product to clean skin - 2-3 spritzes are all that is needed. We recommend using the spray 2-4 times a day. Avoid contact with eyes! Store in a cool, shaded place (room temperature is sufficient), away from heat sources or fire. Keep out of reach of children!

Try to notice if something different is happening in your life while using our products. Feel your body, your feelings, your actions and the actions of the people in your immediate environment, i.e. your relationships, etc... Because our products are quantum, this means that in addition to the benefits on the physical and psychological plane, they also have a harmonising effect on the quantum plane. Try to perceive if there is something different in your life, because these are also the changes that lead to your eventual healing.


Aqua, Lavandula Officinalis Flower/Extract, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Fruit Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis Extract, Peg-35 Castor Oil, Lavandula Officinalis Flower Oil, Citrus Medica Vulgaris Peel Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Lecithin, Retinyl Palmitate, Ribes Rubrum Fruit Extract, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil Expressed, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Litsea Cubeba Fruit Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil, Cananga Odorata Leaf Oil, Melissa Officinalis Leaf Oil.

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10.7.2024 Ivana Knytlová

Musím tento přípravek velmi pochválit, roční kočka se nám vrátila s přeraženou zadní nohou blízko kloubku, nevypadalo to dobře, mezi úrazem a operací bohužel z důvodu dovolených, neochoty a jiných překážek uplynuly 4 dny, okolí zlomeniny tak měla poměrně dost pohmožděné a měkké tkáně s hrozící nekrozou. Po operaci, zpevnění šrouby, v našem případě 1 a 0,8mm silných, nám byla předána, že se uvidí co tkáně kolem. Stříkali jsem lavyl senzitiv, jak nám od Vašeho poradce bylo doporučeno,poměrně často, tak určitě 4-5x denně na ránu z obou stran a pokud se podařilo tak i za krk. Po 14ti dnech proběhl kontrolní rentgen, venkovní rána zhojena do nepoznání /foto č.4/,jen ranky po vytažení zbytku stehů, většina stehů sama po 7 dnech od operace vypadla tak, že jsem je jen ustřihly/ foto č.3/,měkké tkáně bez zjevného poškození krásně zahojeny a zlomenina srostlá. Pokračuje ještě 4týdny klidový režim kočky, již smí nohu zatěžovat bez skákání, stříkat nepřestáváme. Omlouvám se za špatnou kvalitu fotek, rentgen po 14ti dnech jsem ofocovala a vyfotit v klidu naše šídlo prostě nejde :-)

  • Ano, musím pochválit i já, na naší kočku Pepinku lavyl sensitiv zafungoval velmi dobře a léčba proběhla mnohem rychleji
4.7.2024 Janča

  • an amazing product that helps for any pain, soothes. I can only recommend it to everyone!
  • none
26.6.2024 Adriana

We have a white boxer who has very sensitive skin. He's getting on in years, so anything that shows is for a long time. He recently had a blister on his elbow that filled with pus, burst and wouldn't heal. Nothing the vet recommended helped. Photo 1: Swollen wound, the pus has drained out. I put Lavyl Auricum Sensitive on him. It didn't matter at all that he probably licked it later. Photo 2: On the third day we could see a big improvement, the swelling was gone and the skin was soothed. On the third day the dog started to limp, he was like a maniac, he could hardly crawl and when he fell asleep he had twitches all over his leg. I felt like the whole dog was healing and not just the wound. The next day he was like a fish, so I knew he was past the worst of it. Photo #3: After a week, there is no sign of him being picked up again, even though he is lying on it and jumping into the pond, even his fur is starting to grow back. Overall, a great result since nothing ever worked for us! Anyone who has ever had a dog with sensitive skin knows it's a long run. Now I have no worries because we have Lavyl Sensitive!!!

  • has a fantastic effect on animals soothes irritation really speeds up the healing process can be used around the eyes does not mind if the animal licks the wound after application quickly visible results last for many applications dog did not mind, on the contrary I felt that it calmed him down
  • I could say the price, however, considering how much I spent on other non-active ointments, lotions and medicines, Lavyl came out much cheaper, so no cons
25.6.2024 Adél

For me, Auricum is truly a universal miracle. I have been using it for a few months so far. It has helped me with my tension headaches, where the pain subsided completely within moments, or remained very mild for a few hours before I rested and it didn't turn into a migraine. For the last month I have not had a headache at all. Another time, Auricum helped with onset of nausea during menstruation - it calmed down within a few minutes (I sprayed it on my lower abdomen and in my drinking water). It helps me when I need to calm down mentally, it makes for a wonderful help (sprayed on forehead and again from drinking water). I have used it to heal my cat's injuries when he fought with another cat. When I strained my shoulders watering the garden with heavy watering cans, I started spraying right every hour. After about 12 hours the pain subsided and I was able to move normally. By the third day after that, I was able to start stretching lightly. When I burned myself on the stove, I sprayed Auricum along with a coat of Lavyl Body. Only a minimal blister formed, again excellent fast healing. I used the same combination another time when I did an herbal vaginal douche, which is a healing feminine treatment. Unfortunately, I didn't let the steam cool enough and felt the inner tissue of my private parts slightly burned from the steam. The combination of Lavyl Auricum and Lavyl Body fixed it again overnight. I can still mention the same combination for pulling out the tick. The first time it even let go on its own, we just wiped it off. The second time it came out with tweezers very easily. That's just a short list. Auricum is really amazing. I've heard people call it the "ambulance in your pocket". I couldn't find a more apt name for it!

  • excellent effects, see my overall impression
  • none at all, even the price is minimal compared to the delivered value, replaces x different other, less effective products, lasts a long time
13.6.2024 Martina

  • excellent product
  • I don't know
6.6.2024 Miriam


  • Excellent product and I can clearly only recommend it.
  • None
20.2.2024 Fišerová Marie

We already have 5pcs of different kinds from Lava at home, no other products. I am VERY satisfied and give recommendations to people.

  • I'm already a lady of 50+. I got a pink slip. Doctor said it's not dying and gave me an ointment, said it's the most effective. My face swelled up a lot and my eyes were affected. After discovering Lavyl Sensitiv, my eyelids stopped tingling, which is very uncomfortable, not allowing me to sleep. It's like sucking on a wind candy and you can feel the wind flowing between your eyelashes, your eyelids are twitching and burning. Everything slowly stops. And I've only been spraying it on for a few days. I've had the problem and the medication since 2015.
7.2.2024 Ludmila

I still can't believe it's working so well.

  • I have hip arthritis and Lavyl Auricum Sensitive helps me. When I feel pain, I spray the painful areas and I have peace for a few days. I have also cured a budding virus by spraying it down my throat and behind my neck. After a few hours I was fine.
  • I'm not.
19.1.2024 Patrícia


  • A versatile remedy to speed up the healing process, it helps me with headaches, spinal pain, it cured, together with Lavyl Allin Tube, yeast infections that I have been fighting for a long time, I recommend it with all ten of my heart. You don't need to have a full medicine cabinet full of all kinds of medicines, you just need a few products from Lavyl cosmetics, they will save you in all sorts of cases. My whole family uses the cosmetics and I make it a point to educate them wherever I go. And the advantage is that I can use it even now, during pregnancy :)
19.1.2024 Jana Pinterová

Everyone should have this at home...

  • Very effective...Lavyl Sensitive for everything...and once a year Impulse Heavyl...(juice) Really one of the best...
  • none
15.1.2024 Miriam Machová


  • I've treated everything with Lavy!
5.12.2023 Gabriela

  • LAVYL AURICUM SENSITIVE is amazing. I was having a lot of back pain and needed help fast. This product was recommended to me by a friend. If I hadn't tried it myself I wouldn't believe it, but my personal experience was really that the pain was over the next day! Thank you very much and I definitely recommend it.
18.10.2023 Marketa Pištorová


  • Lavyl Auricum Senzitive is a miracle, I still have it at home and use it often. Other products are good too - for high pressure Pentyll Pulse etc.
  • They're not.
5.10.2023 Dagmar

Maximum satisfaction, great effects.

  • I use Lavil auricum for all my pains: back, teeth, joints and also always spray on the back of my neck as a prevention. Now I use it 2x a day on my eyes (trying to help my cataracts). And I also spray on my dog's back and those ears where he used to scratch and now he is calm, so it seems like the auricum is helping. I am very happy with the product.
8.9.2023 Hana

  • sensitiv - spraying of rashes in childhood viral diseases, after staying with sick children from neighbors in the water drinking - children did not get sick
20.7.2023 Dana


  • I have been using Lavyl Auricum Sensitive for several years, this time for varicose veins. Apart from the fact that they stopped hurting, they have also shrunk, some have disappeared completely. So much so that a friend asked me if I had them removed. I don't know how that's possible, but it is. Likewise, it helped my sore hip joint, it stopped hurting altogether. I applied several times a day to the sore spot (hip), plus directly to the bulging and sore varicose veins. Plus it helps great for mosquito bites, you spray and the pimple no longer itches and disappears.
  • The only downside is that sometimes towards the end of the pack the pump jams.
13.7.2023 Jana Prašivková

  • Rychlé dodání, výborné účinky.
  • Ke konci mi jeden sprej přestával stříkat, ale není natlakovaný, tak se to dá pochopit.
29.6.2023 Petr

Perhaps no more needs to be said.

  • Hello, so I have my first positives. First photo, eczema for a year treated with ointment from the doctor and the second photo after a month of spraying Lavyl Auricum.
27.6.2023 Dana Mezihoráková

22.6.2023 Jiřina Prouzová

Lavyl Auricum Sensitive, is my daily companion and I can't imagine not having it available at any time.

  • Excellent, my dog, who had cancer of the lymph glands, prolonged his life by 3 months. It's true that I sprayed him several times a day all over his body and put in water twice a day. He certainly wasn't in any pain. And an added bonus, he absolutely stopped shedding and his coat was thick and of good quality despite his illness.
  • nic
14.6.2023 Monika

  • I have been using Lavy products for several years Top for me.
19.5.2023 Dana

great, already helped several times in every way

  • For a year I was struggling with post-covid ailments, I didn't know what to do - so I sprayed Auricum Senzitive (I used up 2 packs) and Lavyl Nose (I sprayed several times a day in my nose and ears) and it helped me a lot, the ailments are gone.
  • I couldn't find any.
20.3.2023 Lenka Hlaváčková

An excellent all-rounder.

  • Excellent for sore joints.
  • I don't know
4.11.2022 Hana Pragerová

amazing product, thank you

  • Absolutely great product. I have been using it for 1.5 years. Since then, healed knee, still no pain, relaxed cervical spine, relaxed shoulder, calmed psyche, healed post fall bruising, and bleeding. Sprayed several times in face after wasp stings, and no swelling, no pain.
  • I don't know
15.10.2022 Ada

  • My 14 yr old son got sick after swimming. I had the spray with me. One squirt in his mouth, one on the back of his head and neck. Within a few minutes his face was color again, he still felt like he was going to throw up for a while but within 15 minutes he was fine. Super
8.9.2022 Anna

Perfect product

  • I'm buying for the umpteenth time. It helps with pain, heals wounds quickly
6.9.2022 Martina Zábojníková

Perfektní výrobek,trochu dražší,ale max.spokojenost. Určite si znovu objednám.

  • Úzasný produkt ...Vyléčil dutiny i průduškové astma. Už mi průdušky nepískají...Nádhera ! Moc dekuji.
  • 0
20.7.2022 Alan Maria Uhura


  • It smells nice, relieves pain in the groin area. For neuropathy of the leg, it relieves pain. I tried spraying it down my throat and nose after the nasal spray. It burned quite a bit, within 30 min of blowing secretion from mucous membranes, then relief. I will test further. Using it for exem in armpit - it stings, slight improvement, takes time in this hot weather.
17.5.2022 MUDr. Kalvachová

  • Description of reference: Atopic eczema of long standing in a dry and localized form has revived for unknown reasons, relatively large areas of itchy reddened skin have developed. Dermatological preparations did not help, even topical corticosteroids, some exposed areas of affected skin became infected. The diet and cleansing regime brought some improvement, but a major turnaround was not seen until Lavyl Auricum Sensitive was applied. Within 4 weeks of application of Lavyl Auricum Sensitive, the skin completely calmed down. I see this as very inspiring, especially as a possibility for supportive treatment of generalized atopic eczema in infants and young children, or as a very powerful treatment ally for seasonal exacerbations of otherwise latent eczema in the rest of the population.
29.4.2022 Oldřiška

  • I've ordered several times, I'm thrilled with Lavyl auricum- it helps with pain too, lavy lnose cured my sinuses- yay.👍
18.3.2022 Květa

  • Hand pain, knee pain, eczema, nausea, nail fungus, pain of all kinds, this spray for everything immediately helped I recommend!
1.3.2022 Alena

I can't get enough of Lavylites products.

  • I cured my bitch's ear hematoma without surgery, the vet just shook his head in disbelief, he said he never saw it.😀
25.2.2022 Petra

After 15 years, I'm healthy again! I had asthma. The breathing problems subsided after a month of use. After 14 days there was a healing, reverse reaction, when the problems became much worse. After a further 14 days, it has subsided, breathing is easy, I can breathe without difficulty.

  • The spray cured my asthma.
  • -
25.2.2022 Vojtěch

You can see the result after just one week, I am very satisfied.

  • In the photos you can see the result after just one week of using Lavyl Auricum Sensitive. Subsequently, Lavyl Auricum was used in addition to Lavyl Body and Lavyl Clean for washing.
25.2.2022 Lenka

The vet prepared me for a certain tail amputation, I didn't want to admit that! In less than 3 weeks the cat's tissue, thanks to Lavyl Auric Sensitive, has completely grown back!

  • The young cat returned home with an inflamed and injured tail. After cleaning the wound, the vet found that not only the skin had been torn off, but also the tissue down to the bone. She recommended disinfecting with hypermanganese, but prepared me for certain tail amputation because the wound, in her experience, cannot heal. I didn't want to admit that! I started spraying Lavyl Auricum Sensitive on the wound and later Lavyl 32 after cleaning the wound daily. In less than 3 weeks, the cat's tissue had completely regrown :).
  • -
15.1.2022 Václav Fexa

It is more than likely that the product works

  • It has proven to be a very good tool for the treatment of various hematomas
  • Price-wise, it's probably not for everyone
21.11.2021 PROUZOVÁ


  • Daughter has 3rd degree facial burns. LAVYL AURICUM SENSITIVE with LAVYL BODY combination saved her facial skin. After 5 days the horrors miraculously disappeared. After 14 days, at least only the pinkish skin in the area of the biggest burn. Today she's unharmed. Thank you, Lavy.

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